Le Périgord Noir - location gite en dordogne grotte de lascaux

Welcome VALLEY VEZERE “cradle of humanity” in the heart of the golden triangle of Black Périgord!

Montignac has been occupied since the Palaeolithic and colonized by the Romans. The city owes its international fame to the discovery of Lascaux in September 1940. The charming town is formed of two nuclei of living located on both sides of the Vezere:

- Right bank: the feudal town with its castle, former haunt of the Counts of Périgord, fountains and wash houses.

- Left Bank: the suburb with its monasteries and its Priory.

The montignacois offers a canvas WALKING and multiple opportunities to relax.

Nestled in the heart of Black Périgord, Montignac has another matrix for the very fertile valley of the Vezere.

The city’s history is combined with that of humanity. Prehistory mother left us a legacy of the most visited in France and internationally renowned Lascaux Cave

which was discovered in 1940, not forgetting of course the deposit of Regourdou.

Follow the thread of the Vezere, it will guide you cave shelters highlights, from castles to museums, masterpieces of small heritage … But this is not all!

Montignac and its canton also offer a canvas hiking and festivals (exhibitions, conferences, festivals).

Montignac, capital of the canton of Dordogne is a small town of the Perigord Noir which was occupied from the Palaeolithic and colonized by the Romans in villa Olivoux Chambon (Celtic term meaning “bend”) and Brenac.